How Can I Convince My Bosses To Have Hog Roast At The Work Event This Year?

With A Single Pig, We Can Feed Over 100 People

Hog Roast GrimsarghEveryone here at Hog Roast Preston has been to a fair number of corporate and work based events in our time and we know perfectly how good (and how bad) catering at these events can be, and there is the first thing you should ask your bosses to do; remember a bad experience with catering at a work event. The chances are that it will not take them long at all!

Hog Roasts Are A Great Fit For Corporate Events

People have a laugh when thinking about work parties and corporate events but they actually serve a very serious purpose. Work events can be a great way for colleagues to celebrate and bond. Teamwork is crucial to any successful business and events such as these are a great way for the powers that be to show that want the team to be a happy and strong one.

A happy workforce is not only less likely to suffer high absentee levels but is also going to work better…and that means profit. With this in mind, would your bosses really want to serve them up some cheap and nasty catering? What sort of message does that send to the workforce?

Great Food Makes For Happy Employees And Guests

Hog roast really takes work event and corporate catering to a whole new level. If your bosses want to make a bold and positive statement then hog roast is the way to go. Hog roast really is a fantastic option for a work based event because it not only tastes fantastic but it looks incredible, too. Ask your bosses when was the last time they booked catering that served up some superbly and freshly cooked local produce at a work event.

Chances are they will say ‘never’. Booking a hog roast caterer will allow them to right that wrong in style, making it a great way to support local farmers. And of course hog roast fresh cooking is not to be sniffed at. The sheer magnificence of a hog roast being freshly cooked is quite something else. A whole pig on a spit roast machine is one of the best sights in the world of catering and it is one that your bosses can quite easily book for their own work event, if only they listen to you.

Most importantly, hog roast is so delicious that it will not only delight them and their employees but also any special guests who they may have chosen to invite along. This will be one work event meal that they actively want their guests to eat because it will taste so wonderful.

Of course, we should not forget the cost. It is true that there are cheaper catering options…but of course, you can also buy a tin of spaghetti rather than make it fresh. But hog roast is that rarest of beasts; a catering solution that looks a million dollars but costs a lot less than you may have feared. If they want great food, great feedback a great event and at a great price, make it a hog roast Preston event.