What’s So Special About The Hog Roast Machines?

A Hog Roast Chef Is Only As Good As Their Equipment

Ask any keen cook or professional chef about the equipment that they use in the kitchen and you may be in for quite a lengthy response.

Why? Because when it comes to the tools of the trade, the tools of the chef are some of the most treasured there are.

You see, when you are presented with an outstanding looking plate of food, you probably take it for granted that what you are about to eat is simply down to a bit of cooking and arranging….but without the right equipment, none of it would be at all possible.

Centuries Of Hog Roast Tradition

Now hog roast may not be a particularly modern feast, in fact it dates back to medieval times when the tools of the trade involved a fire and spit! Now, I am sure that hog roast cooked in that manner was great and tasted wonderful but the modern day equivalent needs to be a little more robust in order to put up with the day to day rigours of the hog roast business.

That’s why hog roast machines needs to be made of pretty strong stuff. They also need to be ultra flexible for those demanding customers. So, how is all this achieved? With a bit of British spirit!

A British Hog Roast Needs A British Built Machine

You don’t often hear about much being built in Britain these days but hog roast machines are the exception to the rule. So demanding is the work of a hog roast machine that it was decided that the only way to ensure each machine can perform to the rigorous demands of the industry was to ensure that the units were built right here in the UK. And it certainly shows, with the very best workmanship going into each and every machine, along with the toughest parts possible.

Why is this important? It depends on who you are really. If you are a hog roast caterer, you certainly cannot afford to take a chance with a cheap, poorly maintained machine because just imagine the consequences if it broke down during an event?

You need a machine that cooks meat beautifully night after night yet can put up with being transported left right and centre every day. And as a customer, you want the machine to deliver quality results for all your guests, using proven and reliable engineering. The ability to cater for those not wanting to eat pig would also be an advantage.

These hog roast machines give you all this and much more. There is even an accessory for the hog roast machines that means the caterer can cook over thirty chickens at a time! Now that is versatile. Yes, you probably could cook a pig the old way with a fire and a spit…or you could do it the better, more modern way and enjoy great tasting hog roast every time. That’s why we think that the hog roast machines we use are so very special, and we think you’ll agree.