Bon Voyage! Hog Roast Fulwood Cater Leaving Party

These days it seems it is becoming more and more common for people to emigrate to places like Australia and New Zealand as these places can offer higher wages and a more relaxed way of life. With huge expat communities it is no surprise that more Brits are considering this option and moving away. The only downside it having to leave behind friends and family. Last Saturday we catered for Iain and Ben who were off to Australia after Ben had landed the job of a lifetime. They had asked us to provide a ‘Bon Voyage’ meal for them and their guests to see them off, and of course Hog Roast Fulwood were pleased to help!

As this party would have been the last chance to say goodbye for a lot of Iain and Bens family it was set to be an emotional afternoon, so the couple had wanted us to cook up a storm to help, in their words, comfort people. Most people think of comfort foods as chocolate and cakes but for this couple they knew a Hog Roast Fulwood was the perfect cuisine. A Hog Roast Fulwood would also prepare them for the lifestyle in Australia as it is known for spit roasting meats and of course BBQs so we made sure to channel this into our food.

With a slow roasted hog fully prepared and lots of fresh crusty bread rolls (including some gluten free rolls for a couple of the guests) we began to serve. Despite the tears from people sad to see the couple go deep down everyone was completely happy for Iain and Ben who were following their dreams and doing what many people wish they had themselves. With full bellies everyone said an emotional last goodbye and although these days Australia is only a phone call away even the Hog Roast Fulwood team got emotional! We wish you all the best Iain and Ben on your adventures!