Everyone Invited Can Eat Our Gorgeous Food

With Hog Roast Penwortham at the helm catering your next party or event, you’re in safe hands, with trusted professionals who pride themselves on going the extra mile in order to satisfy everyone invited. You may well have already decided on a hog roast centrepiece to be served at your special occasion, and that’s why you’re reading this, but if you’re thinking of an alternative meat instead or need options for special diets, or even if you’re planning a menu of several courses, we’ve still got you covered, as we offer so much more than you may have originally thought.

Hog Roast PenworthamIn addition to our signature food, our menus include spit-roasted meats, such as whole English lamb, free-range turkeys or chickens, or brisket of beef, and you can enjoy yours the way you want. This could be with fresh wraps and bread rolls or our homemade coleslaw and your choice of salads, or you could select your favourite potato dish and seasonal vegetables instead, and either way, it includes our scrumptious trimmings, such as apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing with a Hog Roast Penwortham hog roast (plus onion gravy if you decide on veg and potatoes), while you can feast on cranberry sauce and stuffing with turkey, Yorkshire puddings and a red wine gravy with beef sirloin, chipolatas and stuffing with chickens or Yorkshires and mint sauce with lamb.

We’re highly flexible too, so you can add any number of starters, sides, desserts or canap├ęs to your main, so that you can create your very own menu, though if you prefer, we have a range of standalone menus for you to choose from – our Traditional Barbecue, Alfresco, Loaded Fries or Southern Slow Roast – and each of them is something unique to surprise your guests with, whether you’re after one course, a three-course feast or something in-between.

Contact Hog Roast Penwortham today to talk about your dream menu, whatever you’re organising, as we’re suitable for any kind of special occasion that you may have in mind, and we’ll make that dream come true, while ensuring that everyone invited gets to eat our gorgeous food.