Summers Day Garden Party With A Fabulous Hog Roast

Summers Day Garden Party With A Fabulous Hog Roast

Lidos, or outdoor pools have been incredibly popular recreation areas since the 1930s, but their appeal has dwindled over the years, which may have something to do with the great British weather! Speaking of weather though, the unusually warm summer we have had, may have something to do with the resurgence of these outdoor pools, as it seems, all of a sudden, they have become trendy again! The Hog Roast Inglewhite team found ourselves at a local lido lately, which was reopening to the public once again following a major overhaul. We thought it was great the pool was reopening, as back in its heyday, it was apparently everyone’s favourite place to be, and the people behind returning it to its former glory, hoped it would be again. They asked us to do the catering because hog roasting is such a relaxed and sociable way of cooking, completely in keeping with the vibe they wanted to create, and when it comes to outdoor catering, we are the best in town!

When Hog Roast Inglewhite arrived, it was clear a lot of hard work had gone into the pool’s restoration and the addition of some tasteful water features and fun slides for the kids had elevated it to a whole new level. We were asked to set up in the middle of where the action would be taking place, as they wanted our hog roast machine and friendly catering team to be a centrepiece for the proceedings! That was fine by us, as we don’t mind having an audience when we’re cooking -in fact our chef prefers it that way! It turned out we had quite a large audience indeed! The pool’s reopening had been widely advertised and its launch party had attracted a mixed crowd of those with fond memories of being there in their youth, and the younger generation who were eager to have somewhere fun to spend time!

With the sun shining and the pork smelling great, it didn’t take much to get everyone in a relaxed holiday mood and it was evident that the pool was going to become the place to be in town once again! Hog Roast Inglewhite’s informal buffet style service allowed everyone to chill out by the pool with a delectable hog roast sandwich for company before taking a dip in the revamped pool that had been empty for far too long!

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