The Big Finale, Topped Off With Hog Roast Blackpool!

The Big Finale, Topped Off With Hog Roast Blackpool!

Christina has always had a passion for acting and has been a drama-queen since she was a child. She’s now the owner of the local youth theatre and regularly plays roles in their theatre production. This September, her theatre was showcasing their reinvented version of the story from the film ‘Grease’ which sold tickets out a fantastic rate. However, on the last weekend in September, her youth theatre was putting on its last performance of the production and they were completely sold out. She wanted to reward her young cast for their brilliant efforts in their performances and so decided to surprise them with a party for her young actors and their families.

She hired the Hog Roast Blackpool team to do just the job and the event went down a treat. The performance was the best they’d done so far and everything ran smoothly. Yet behind the scenes, Christina was helping the Hog Roast Blackpool team set up outside the fire exit of one of the practice rooms. She set out tables filled with drinks and covered the room with ‘congratulations’ decorations.

The performance came to a close to rounds of applause from the audience as the performers bowed and waved. As they left to the stage, Christina ushered them to the practice room where the Hog Roast Blackpool team had completed their buffet and had arranged a tasty selection of meats and sides for the exhausted performers to enjoy. The actors’ families joined them back stage and the Hog Roast Blackpool team continued to cook more and more food as they hungry actors enjoyed the buffet. Christina played music in the background as the performers enjoyed themselves after weeks of hard rehearsals and late night performances.

The youth theatre thoroughly enjoyed the party and it brilliant way to end a wonderful production. Christina was extremely pleased with the success of both her Hog Roast party and her production. However, the performers couldn’t help themselves from discussing the next big show the youth theatre was producing and which parts they were all going to audition for.


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