Hog Roast Grimsargh Getting Involved With The Fancy Dress Theme!

Hog Roast Grimsargh Getting Involved With The Fancy Dress Theme!

When Hog Roast Grimsargh attends any kind of party or event, we do it in style and for a fancy dress party that we were asked to cater recently, we even dressed up for the occasion! For Nigel and Mandy’s engagement party that we catered locally over the weekend, we were asked to cook up a fabulous feast of food, with several mains and sides to make sure all kinds of tastes were covered on the day. Our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu is perfect for this, as it features your choice of three meats from a possible five (each one marinated in a secret recipe rub) and four sides from a possible seven, plus a vegetarian option if required. There is so much variety and choice with this popular menu and even Nigel and Mandy had trouble choosing their seven dishes, but they eventually settled on them and we looked forward to catering their engagement do.

Hog Roast GrimsarghOn the day of the party, Hog Roast Grimsargh arrived at the local club venue several hours before serving time, and we arrived already dressed as farmyard characters, which we thought was apt. We had been asked to cook our barbecued pork butt, Texan beef brisket, and Cajun-spiced whole roasted chickens, which would be accompanied by three special sauces – Jack Daniels Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze, a hot pepper sauce, and Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon Legendary Bar B Q Sauce. For the side dishes, the couple had selected skin-on jacket potatoes, a Greek salad, mac and cheese, and spicy sweet potato wedges, and we always bring along condiments and plenty of fresh bread rolls.

Hog Roast Grimsargh got to work cooking the three marinated meats, as they all take a few hours of slowly sizzling away before they are ready to serve. We set up our gazebo and serving tables in the club gardens and before long the meats were filling the air with wonderful smells. By the time Nigel and Mandy and their guests began to arrive, all dressed up and looking fantastic, the pork, beef, and chicken were all incredibly tender and ready to be devoured, and once the fresh salad was prepared and the other sides were cooked to perfection, all we had to do was satisfy their hunger.


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