Hog Roast Grimsargh – A Bon Voyage Party!

At Hog Roast Grimsargh we love catering and over the years as we have gotten to know our regular clients we often feel like part of the family. One our regular customers was the Riley family. In the past ten years I think we have catered at just about every major event the family had had from weddings and birthdays to christenings and sadly even a funeral, so we really did get close to them as we continued to provide a professional catering service.

Hog Roast Grimsargh

When we found out that Sam, the Riley family’s oldest son, would be leaving us for Australia we have to admit we were saddened to hear we wouldn’t be seeing much of him anymore, but we knew this would be such a huge opportunity for him. Hog Roast Grimsargh have practically watched Sam grow up into the young man he is today and so we wanted to make sure we gave him a traditional Hog Roast Grimsargh send off!

Helen, Sam’s mum, had contacted us as soon as she found out Sam’s plans to travel abroad as she wanted to prepare him a ‘Bon Voyage’ party. Our Hog Roast Grimsargh chef knew exactly what would be needed in the form of Sam’s favourites which were our slow roasted hog and extra helpings of our deliciously moreish crackling. This would all be served up with Sam’s favourite sides, rosemary and garlic wedges and our yummy tomato and mozzarella salad and halloumi skewers.

At the party itself, Hog Roast Grimsargh were given the garden from which to cater and we set to work to make sure everything was perfect in time for serving. Sam was overwhelmed at the sight of the Hog Roast Grimsargh feast we had prepared for him and said he would no doubt be back from Australia craving one of our roasts sometime soon!

Good luck down under, Sam!