Hog Roast Leyland Corporate Catering for a Local Magazine Launch Party!

Hog Roast Leyland had a great day last week catering for the launch party of a new local magazine! The brainchild of Editor Sarah and the culmination of a lot of hard work by members of the local community, the first edition had finally been published and the team behind making it happen couldn’t wait to throw a party to celebrate and thank all of the contributors and photographers, not to mention all of the local businesses who had got behind them and provided sponsorship.

As it was a special occasion, but also one that was very community-spirited, Sarah and her team were initially unsure what kind of catering options would be suitable for such an event. Until of course they found the perfect marriage of sociable, yet elegant catering in the form of one of Hog Roast Leyland’s corporate menus!

They opted for one of our more relaxed buffet style menus, with a classic hog roast served with the crispiest crackling and our homemade stuffing and apple sauce. They wanted our signature dish to be served with sumptuous sides of crispy Thai and classic Caesar salads, accompanied by jacket potato wedges and feta skewers for the vegetarian option.

With the first edition hot of the press and spread around the room for everyone to peruse and some sophisticated yet sociable food to look forward, Sarah couldn’t wait for the party to start!

Whilst she took care of the meeting and greeting, we took excellent care of all the invitees in the food department and after she had finished her welcome speech, and everyone had raised a glass to the success of the new magazine, we were ready to serve our super spread.

Just as Sarah wanted, our buffet-style service allowed her guests to come and grab a bite as and when they wanted, whilst also being free to mingle and chat with their fellow-collaborators about what they had achieved and what they hoped to achieve with the magazine in future.

Everyone got the treat they deserved for all of their hard work and Sarah couldn’t thank the Hog Roast Leyland team enough for providing such a perfectly balanced menu to help them celebrate!