Our Delicious Winter Warmer Menu By Hog Roast Kirkham!

Our Delicious Winter Warmer Menu By Hog Roast Kirkham!

Close your eyes and imagine the scene… It’s your party that you’ve been carefully planning and you know that the food is such an important part of it and that’s why you booked Hog Roast Kirkham to cater. You know that we’re professionals you can depend on to provide tasty food at a great price and with great service too, and you know your guests will be enthralled when they see the centrepiece hog roast we’ve cooked at your venue for hours on end from scratch. The guests all turn up and can immediately smell the meaty aromas that have been filling the air for several hours as it sizzled away and then they see the amazing theatrical spectacle of the hog roasting and they can’t resist licking their lips. Then once you and your guests taste the meat, you’re all hooked and have to go back for seconds and your party is a resounding success.

This doesn’t have to be a daydream with Hog Roast Kirkham, as we can do all this and much more too. If you have any guests with different tastes or dietary requirements, we can ensure that they are all well-fed on your special occasion too. Whether you have invited vegetarian or vegan guests or guests with a gluten intolerance or allergy, for instance, if you let us know in advance our chefs can whip up something suitable. 

For a birthday party that Hog Roast Kirkham catered locally recently for 20 people, we were asked to cook our winter warmer of meat, season vegetables and potatoes, all covered in our onion gravy, as well as a vegetarian option. As the carrots, courgette, butternut squash and potatoes are cooked separately to the meat, everyone could enjoy them, and we would also cook a mushroom bake for the two vegetarians. 

On the day of the party, we arrived at the customer’s home together with one of our trusty hog roasting machines, a gazebo and serving station, as well as a small hog, which we would roast for a few short hours. Time flew by and it was soon ready to carve and serve together with the hot, tasty accompaniments and for the vegetarians to try our homemade goodness too. 

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