Hog Roast Hesketh Park Attending A Festival Themed Party

It’s festival season here in the UK and whether you’re attending one of the many famous music festivals around the Home Nations or you’re getting into the swing of things at home with friends and family, one thing is for sure… You always need delicious food! Hog Roast Hesketh Park has had the pleasure of catering many festivals, and not just musical ones, but we’ve also had the distinct pleasure of catering many a private party in the comfort of our customers’ own homes, like we did for Jane over the weekend.

Hog Roast Hesketh ParkWhen Jane first contacted Hog Roast Hesketh Park to book our services, she told us she was having a festival-themed party at home at the same time as Glastonbury Festival. Being unable to make it down there this year, she still wanted to celebrate at home with her friends and she wanted to do it in style – with a traditional centrepiece hog roast cooked Hog Roast Hesketh Park style.

For this occasion, Jane wanted to impress her friends with lashings of our famous pigs in buns, which is where we cook a freshly-prepared, high-quality, locally-sourced hog from scratch at your venue, and then serve the moist, tender meat and crispy, salty crackling inside bread rolls and wraps together with our own apple sauce and stuffing. They’re famous for a reason – once you’ve tried them, you’ll definitely go back for more.

On the day of Jane’s party, our chef and catering assistant arrived at her home in the morning and set up our equipment in the back garden. She had invited twenty friends to eat around lunchtime, so we had a good few hours to prepare and then cook the meat, watching over it as it sizzled away to perfection.

Meanwhile, Jane decorated her back garden festival-style and changed into suitable gear, as well as playing songs by acts who would be appearing at the famous festival this year.

By 1pm, we had an amazing hog roast to carve up to fill fresh bread rolls with our tangy apple sauce and moreish stuffing and once Jane’s guests had arrived to the incredible meaty aromas, our chef got the carving knives out…