A Lovely Hog Roast Garstang Feast For All To Enjoy

Hog Roast Garstang has spent many years perfecting our menus to include not only the hog roasts that we’re famed for but also plenty of other options to ensure that everyone you invite to your party or event gets to enjoy delicious food. Whether you need us to cater for guests with particular dietary requirements, like vegetarian, gluten-free or plant-based, guests who would prefer a different meat or if you’re planning a menu of multiple courses to be served, our experts have got you covered.

We can wow your guests with all kinds of tasty dishes, including spit-roasted mains instead of (or indeed as well as) a Hog Roast Garstang hog roast or with one of our special menus, like our Loaded Fries, where we load up fresh-cooked fries with pulled pork or beef brisket, a spicy or zesty slaw and plenty of melted cheese. Our Southern Slow Roast may instead be the perfect choice for your special occasion, as you get to choose three meats to be served alongside four sides, and there’s even a vegetarian option available. Hog Roast Blackpool

In terms of special diets, we have various yummy vegetarian dishes, like veggie skewers and Spanish quiche, but we can also make many other alternatives too. If you’re inviting vegan guests, we can make one of our vegetarian dishes suitable, or if you have any guests with food allergies or intolerances, like nut-free or gluten-free, we can whip up a delicious suitable dish on the day too. We just need to know your dietary requirements in advance and then on the day, we’ll do you proud.

On Wednesday evening, our Hog Roast Garstang chef and catering assistants catered a private party where we were asked to make a main of our succulent pigs in buns but also serve some side dishes too. While the hog sizzled away to perfection for hours on end, our team freshly-prepared our own version of coleslaw and made a tasty mac and cheese and then once the hog roast had a rest, we carved to reveal tender, moist morsels of meat and salty crackling and then we had a lovely feast ready to serve.