A Fantastic Rustic Woodland Wedding For 50 Guests

Hog Roast Chorley enjoyed a lovely day of nature and nuptials whilst we were working our socks off under an ancient oak tree, for Ben and Anna’s wonderful woodland wedding reception! A hog roast is the ideal al fresco option for wedding receptions, especially when we are in charge of the proceedings, and after viewing our exciting range of wedding menus, the bride and groom certainly agreed! The couple were both huge forest fans and Ben even said he would live in a tree house if Anna would let him, so they were in no doubt that they wanted a tranquil, tree-filled setting for their reception. They also wanted the same high-quality food that you would expect in a top hotel, so for a while the tree-loving couple were at a loss as to how they could achieve both of their reception priorities. That was obviously before they became acquainted with Hog Roast Chorley’s approach to wedding catering and our ability to provide superior quality wedding fare in any outdoor setting imaginable!

The Hog Roast Chorley team love cooking in the woods, as it helps us to get back in touch with hog roasting’s historical roots and it makes us feel very proud that we breathed new life into this traditional cooking method with our sleek modern wedding menus! The menu of choice for Ben and Anna consisted of a light smoked salmon starter served at the table by our friendly waiting team, followed by a traditional hog roast (of course!), seasonal vegetables and our crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle roast potatoes, polished off with our individual cheesecakes and profiteroles for dessert. We even dressed and presented their wedding cake for them, what more could they ask! When the radiant bride and proud groom arrived, their faces lit up when they saw the feast that awaited them, and as their 50 guests took their seats around the long rustic table, it was clear everyone loved the relaxed, natural surroundings! The happy couple became even happier when the food was served, and everyone was blown away by the way Hog Roast Chorley had managed to provide such a polished wedding feast in such a rustic setting!