Hog Roast Broughton Offer So Much More Than Just Pork!

Hog Roast Broughton can easily cater any kind of special occasion that you are planning, from a birthday party in your back garden with just a few guests to a wedding reception or business conference for several hundred people, and everything in-between. We also cater many traditional festival days and holidays, so if you’re thinking of having a Halloween or Bonfire Night party where delicious, wholesome food is served by professionals, or even if you’re planning well ahead and want to book in your next Christmas party, then choosing us is a great idea.

Hog Roast BroughtonFrom a hog roast centrepiece to spit-roasted chicken, turkey, beef or lamb, or barbecued or marinated meat if preferred, Hog Roast Broughton has plenty of options to suit carnivores of varying tastes. Nevertheless, we also have many dishes that are suitable for special diets, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, to name just a few, and we have menus full of additional options too, like side dishes, starters, desserts and even welcome drinks served with canapés if needed. Regardless of your needs, we put the customer first, and that means all of your guests will be well-fed on the day and not just the majority.

When Hog Roast Broughton catered Charlie’s birthday party over the weekend, it was mainly with a traditional hog roast that we cooked for hours on end in order to make piles of pigs in buns for most of his thirty guests, but he also asked us to provide a vegetarian option too. Our most popular is our veggie skewers, where we grill halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onion and courgette and then serve with our Tzatziki dip and pitta bread, and we can even make them vegan if required. Charlie scoured our menus for all our possible veggie options, including tasty homemade dishes like mac and cheese, stuffed peppers or mushrooms and vegetable tart or quiche, and decided on our lovely skewers.

On the day of the party, our chef and catering assistant made a real feast of pigs in buns and skewers at Charlie’s home venue and by the end of service, everything had been stripped clean and all the guests were more than satisfied with the tasty food we had made from scratch.